Peaceful Creek

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Looking to build with Timber Framing and need a book that covers all the joints, layout, building design, and how-to-do-it info?
395 pages of complete timber framing knowledge.
Over 450 illustrations and diagrams

Just because this is a "Made Easy" book does not mean it is only for the inexperienced Timber Framer!
I show a complete index a little lower in the listing but some of the things you will learn out of this book are:
*Design-What framing layout do you need for your design
*Roof Design-Learn methods of timber framing roof's including king and queen post roofs and length of spans for each design
*Joints in framing-What Joints best fit your design and why you should use them
*Layout-How to lay out and cut the joints
*Tools-What tools did the early master builders use
*Using Fasteners-Wood and Steel-Plated Joints too
*Ornamental Framing and Trimming
*Houses - Barns - Bridges - Many other kinds of buildings
Much, Much More!
After you read the index you will see there is very little left out of this classic Timber Framing Book.
New printing of an 1909 book.
Over 450 illustrations
Warning.....This book may have techniques and joints that are no longer standard in the Timber Framing Industry because they are just too time consuming to be profitable. You may learn ornamental framing methods, complex joints, roofing designs and other superior method that are no longer used or taught in this day and age!


Brand New Ringbound Book. Lays flat like a manual.
Original Copyright 1909
Measures 8.5x5" and contains 395 pages, a good thick book.

Timber Framing Made Easy, Fred Hodgson
Heavy Timber Framing ~ Mixed Framing ~ Balloon Framing ~ Houses ~ Barns ~Timber roofs ~ Factories ~ Bridges ~ and all other kinds of Timber Buildings


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