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This original set of books on CD show how to build a large variety of blacksmith tools.....How to setup a complete shop......and will give you hundreds of ideas for blacksmith items that you can build and sell.
I have now included my collection of 8 (eight) 1916 American Blacksmith magazines scanned to the same CD

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I have recently acquired the 1916 American Blacksmith Magazines, have scanned them and am including them in this collection. You will not find this offered anywhere else! I am excited to have obtained this collection of magazines and am now including them in my offer to you!


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All in all, this set of books and magazines could be looked at as a full course on blacksmithing methods and projects to build.

Learn how to build all the tools you need to start blacksmithing

*Building Tongs, Pliers, Hammers, Swages, Cutters and many more hand tools

*Building Forges

*How to build an effective rotary forge blower

*How to make chimneys that don't smoke 

*Repair old tools or turn them into another tool that is more useful

*See specifically what swages, tongs and tools are used for what processes  

*See Floor Plans for setting up Blacksmithing Shops

*How to make several types of workbenches for holding the tools and doing work on.

Once you have the setup you need, then you will learn blacksmithing processes.........

*See how to join metals by forge Welding

*Discover the technique of Brazing Metals

*Learn how to Solder items to create leak free joints and join tin materials

*Find out the secrets of Cutting Metals to get the right joints for welding

*Easy shop methods of Bending metals both on the anvil and in bending jigs

*You will also learn Setting, Tempering, Fullering, Swaging, Forging, Drilling, and more!

Most topics are covered in a step-by-step format.

Use this material and enjoy it! If you are unhappy with it for whatever reason just return it within the next 365 days (a year) and I will refund your money 100%.

I'll even pay the return shipping costs!

Once you have all the tools and knowledge of how to use them......
There are endless projects and "how to repair" processes that will keep you busy for years!
There are how to instructions for all the important smithing processes such as:

Horseshoes and shoeing
Building Plows
Carriage Irons
TIres.....Cutting...Bending....Welding.....and Setting
Setting Axles.....Axle Gauges.....Thimble Skins
Resetting old Springs
Making Bob Sleds
Making Dies and Much, Much, More!
In addition to this four volume course on blacksmithing, I have included several other scanned "bonus books" as well. Giving you a treasury of over 1700 pages of blacksmith knowledge! 
One of the bonus books is about Art Forging where it teaches how to make the interesting projects that sell well on Ebay, at craft show, flea markets, etc.
*Learn wrought iron work
*How to make a wrought iron leaf
*Complete instructions for how to make a Fire Shovel
*Step by Step instructions for building Door Latches.....Hinges, Candle Sticks......Drawer pulls......Chasing......A Door Knocker.....A Hat and Coat Hook......A Fuller.......
*Making a Wall Hook
*Making a Toasting Fork
*Making a Wall Lantern
*Learn the valuable art of Inlaying Metal
*Making a Wall Lamp
*Making a Portable Lamp
In all the books there is an endless supply of ideas to make your blacksmith hobby or profession pay for its self!


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To secure this item just buy-it-now and then go to Our Store and take a look! We often have other printed blacksmith books on hand.

This information will lead to the discovery of tools that may not even be in existence any longer.
It will help you to recreate such tools.
Especially tongs....hammers....and chisels for your further forays into blacksmithing!

If you interested in building your own "Arsenal" of tools it really helps to have clear, concise instructions so you don't waste a lot of time starting over!

Do you want to see one of the catalogs that the "blacksmiths of old" used to order their equipment out of?
One of the bonuses is a 252 page digital scanned copy of a 1909 Barlow hardware blacksmith tool and supply catalog!

This is a CD containing four separate volumes of blacksmithing work. A total of 1161 pages in that, plus there are extra scanned bonus books with hundreds of pages each, that contains more valuable information for the serious blacksmith!

Picture of actual set you will receive
This material is all digitally produced on Compact Disc. There are no printed materials included but you can print any of the books or pages of the books for your own use.
If you find a plan you want to use in the shop just select that range of pages in your PDF viewer and print them off to use and abuse!

So all together in this collection you will get:

*4 volume set......
Complete blacksmithing books on Compact Disc
*Several extra bonus books, manuals, and instructions on same CD
*Now get eight 1916 American Blacksmith Magazines scanned to CD
*Sturdy Black CD Case with original artwork
*Free Shipping
*100% Satisfaction guarantee

*We will ship it out within 1 business day
*Dependable Service......just an email away!
*Separate individual file for each book so you don't have to spend much time to find what you need.
*Works on all operating systems with a PDF Viewer
*CD will not work in a DVD player on a TV.

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