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Complete Farmall OS-6 OSD-6 Service Manual

Full Factory Blue Ribbon Service Manual

The manual shows it is for the M MD but it includes the OS-6 and the OSD-6 as well.



New reprint manual with all pages ~ Full size ~ Printed and Bound like the Original


This manual has everything for the Maintenance, Repair and Service for the Farmall M Tractor and more!


This manual has chapters and instructions for:

*Full Engine Service, Repair, Rebuilding

*Gas and Diesel

*Magneto Repair

*Carburetor Rebuilding and Adjustment

*Engine and Head Specifications

*Full Chassis Specifications

*Troubleshooting Engine Problems

*Fuel System

*Cooling System

*Engine Lubrication, Oil Pump Repair

*Clutch Adjustment and Repair

*Transmission and Differential Repair

*Brakes and Brake Replacement and Adjustment

*Electrical Equipment

*Repairing Generator and Starters

*Full Chassis Adjustments and Repairs

*Power Take Offs and Belt Pullies

Much, Much More!........




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