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If you are interested in driving horses......these books will teach you everything from the very basics to the advanced skills you need for carts, coaches and even sleds.
From singles to teams, even advanced drivers may receive helpful ideas.
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From driving old western coaches with teams of two, four or more driving the simple single horse cart........ you will learn from instructors that have spent the time in the seat that it takes to become a expert drivers.
Starting with the most basic of instructions, even the novice will be able to work their way into the seat and handle their own carriage.
*Learn how to harness the horses
*How to keep them in place while you are hooking up
*Discover the best way to hold the reins depending on how many horses there are
*What commands to use and when you need to encourage with the whip
*How to handle and maneuver the horses including important things like making smooth turns, backing, stopping, hauling passengers, cargo and more
Not only learning how to handle the horses and carriage but how to take care of them is vitally important.......
*How to feed, raise, breed, and train the horses
*Learn the value in shoeing your horses and the proper methods.
*To protect your valuable investment, buy the right carriage and learn how to take care of it.
*So much more......these books contain all the knowledge you need to drive horses
Books included are:
*Driving Lessons
E. Howlett
204 Pages
Howlett spent his entire lifetime devoted to driving horses and teaching others to be proficient drivers.
At one time giving some 1200 lessons a year on driving, this man was a true master.
He will teach you all aspects of driving from harnessing and using the whip and reins to driving large teams and maneuvering them in close quarters. 
Francis M. Ware
450+ pages
A more western approach to driving covering American Vehicles and Stage Coach driving in the west.
In this volume there is tons of valuable info on......Staging in the west......Road coaching......Driving for novices......Driving one horse.....Driving the pair......Tandem driving......Four in hand driving......Methods for holding the reins and handling the whip.......
Driving for Ladies......Bits and Bitting........Equipment.......Stabling........Feeding and Grooming.......Shoeing.......Carriages and their care......The harness and its care......Show ring horses......the heavy harness horse.......Breeding......Racing......Sleighing and the Sleigh Horse.......much more.
If you are interested in driving horses.......these books are a virtual course on driving from the very basics to the hardcore knowledge you need to be a safe and proficient driver!
*I am also including as a bonus my copy of the Moyer 1909 Carriage catalog.
They were designers and builders of High Grade Carriages in their time. Contains hundreds of illustrations of carriages that will be of interest to anyone that is interested in horse drawn items.
Here is an example of the catalog:
So all together in this entire collection on CD you will get:
*Two Horse Driving Books
*Bonus Moyer catalog and an extra bonus "Practical Horseshoeing" book
*Full sized hardshell "Gift Quality" CD case with original artwork.
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*My rock solid 100% money back guarantee!
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The attractive "Gift Quality" CD set looks like this:
*This is a CD in PDF format to be viewed on your computer.
*This CD will not work in a DVD player on TV.
*Each book has it's own file so you can quickly get into the information you want.
*Your PDF viewer is easily customized to fit your viewing needs for easy reading!
Screenshot of what this will look like on your computer:
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