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This multi-page set of plans will teach you how to build gamefowl huts for under $10.00 that will last a lifetime with no maintenance, don't need staked down, are cooler in the summer than anything else and are practically indestructible.
These are not chicken coop plans, these plans are for individual huts used to house Game Fowl.

This is not a is a set of printed plans.

I am offering this information with Free Shipping. This will pay for its self many times over on the first hut you make!

Some feedback I have received on this set of instructions:

Good instructions. Thank you. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA+++++++++++++++++++++++++++

5 Stars Transaction, Plans are Workable and Realistic

You will easily get 10x your money back in savings from this information even if you only build a few of huts!

This Hut offers:
*Low initial cost. Chances are you already have some of the materials on hand.
*No maintenance, even in direct sun and acid rain.
*You won't have to worry about rebuilding broken down huts because these will last a lifetime
*Easier on your chickens because they are cooler in the summer Sun
*Save money on steel stakes because these huts don't need staked down.
This is explained in detail with:
*Material list (only three components)
*Step-by-Step instructions on how to build.
*Detailed Illustrations
If you happen to have other materials on hand, as a bonus I have included instructions for building three other types of shelters that are not as durable, long lasting, or inexpensive as the featured structure but will still serve you for many years.
These structures could be adapted to work as shelter for your dogs, cats, or any other small animal that needs shelter.

This is not a book, you are buying a multiple page set of plans.

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