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There is just something about building your own weapon, with your own hands, and using it to skillfully hit the target and even put meat on the table.
If you ever wanted to build your own Bows and Arrows, this set of plans, notes and books will show you how.
Original books and plans scanned to CD in PDF format.

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"Good CD with a lot of useful information. Thanks"
Discover the methods, tips and secrets to building your own wood bows and arrows successfully!
*Learn how to carve a solid wood bow out of Osage, Lemonwood, or whatever wood you desire
*How to laminate a bow and form it the way you want
*See how to make a "take down" bow
*Learn the art of arrow making
*Discover the more technical aspects of bowmaking in one of the free manuals included on the CD
*Learn how the natives built and used their bows and arrows in the included 92 page bonus book on Yahi Archery 
*Learn the secrets to avoiding common mistakes that will cost you broken bows, wasted materials and time spent.
This digital collection includes the digital plans, notes, and ideas to get you going in the right direction!
 As an added feature I have added several vintage books on all sorts of archery topics.
*Learn how to make arrow points out of stone
*Discover the hunting methods the natives use to get their game!
*Read about their preferences for wood, bow length, size of limbs and more.
*What you need and want in a handmade bow
This book collection on CD will be a ready aid in your Bow and Arrow making projects!
In all the books and how-to information you will learn the best methods and ideas for building your own custom bows with several types of handmade arrows; as well as teaching you how to use it.


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This collection is in PDF format.
Actual screen shot of one of the books.

 Forming the Limbs without damaging the grain

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One of the methods taught for making arrows and how to laminate limbs.

Learn to make your own points


"The only thing that prevents me from bridging the gap.....between here and a lack of knowledge and the wisdom to use it correctly." 

Within all the books there are hundreds of pages of instruction and illustrations
In this digital collection on CD you will get:
*A collection of bow and arrow making plans, notes and ideas

*Several extra bonus books with more plans and ideas
*Sturdy Full Sized Cd case with original artwork
*Inexpensive and Fast Shipping
*Separate individual file on the CD for each book so you can find what you need fast
*Works on all systems with PDF Viewer
*100% satisfaction guaranteed....from a trusted seller
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