International 1622 Ser A Truck Mounted Backhoe Hydraulic Testing Service Manual


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IH 1622 Series "A" Utility Truck Mounted Backhoes

Covers all years, all serial numbers

New Print, Complete, Factory OEM service manual has
208 pages

Table of Contents

This service manual shows you how to test valves for
leakage or contamination

This Service Manual covers Hydraulic Testing for:

2400 & 2500 Series A Tractors with 3122 & 3141 Series A & 3142 Backhoes

2400 & 2500 Series B Tractors with 3122 Series B and 3142 Backhoes

3400 Series A Loader Tractors with 3142 Backhoe

3500 Series A Loader Tractors with 3152 Backhoe

3600 Series A Loader-Backhoe Tractors

3820 Series A Loader-Backhoe Tractors

500 Series C & E Crawler Tractors with 3122 or 3142 Backhoe

TD-7 TD-8 100 & 125 Series C & E Crawler Tractors with 3142 Backhoe

1622 & 3122 Series A Utility Truck Mounted Backhoes

3082 Series A & B Backhoes

This is a new reproduction of an Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Manual

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