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International 300/400 Series Diesel Engines, Fuel Systems (American Bosch) and TurboCharger

Service, Rebuild and Repair Manual

Service Manual GSS-1427-1 w/ Latest Revision

International Tractor Chassis Service Manuals generally do not include the need this manual for the engine, fuel system and turbo (if applicable).


Covers Engine Models:


D and DT 360

D and DT 414

D and DT 436

D and DT 466

DT 466B

DTI 466B

Three Sections

Engines, Fuel Systems, Turbochargers


American Bosch Model 100 Fuel Pump

364+ pages.....8 1/2 x 11".....Very Comprehensive Manual.....New Reproduction of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Factory Manual


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 This is a 364 Page manual covering everything about repair and rebuilding these engines. 

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These manuals have chapters and/or instructions covering service, repair, overhauling, etc:



Full Engine Overhaul/Repair

Fuel System Overhaul/Repair

Turbocharger Overhaul/Repair




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