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If you are interested in finding Gold, whether it be through mining, sluicing, dredging or simply panning, this collection of books and videos is a goldmine of information for all phases of Gold Prospecting.
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There are 29 books and 4 videos in this 2 Disk collection.
This collection covers all phases of prospecting.
Among all this information you will learn the basic practices like:
*How to Pan Gold
*Winnowing Gold
*How to build and operate the cradle or rocker
*The long Tom
*Building and using Sluices
*Learn Amalgamation with quicksilver
*Hydraulic Mining
*Casting Gold
But before you can process the gold you need to know.......
Start by learning where to find the gold.

*Locating ancient riverbeds
*How placers are formed.
*Discover the physical character of mineral deposits
*Deep Gravel mining

Where has Gold been found in the past....History of mining in the USA
*How to locate valuable mines
*Origin of Veins
*Filling of Mineral Veins

*Prospecting for the deposits
If you think all the major deposits in the USA have already been discovered it is just an physical impossibility. There is gold to be found, even in this day and age!
Learn the history of gold mining in the United States including Alaska and the Yukon in Canada.
From the discoveries in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee
to the discovery of Gold in California, the Black Hills, back to Missouri and Arkansas and much, much more historic information literally covering the United States.
If you are more serious about mining there is much info on Placer Mining
*Discover the origins of Gold Placers
Learn the methods of working a placer
*Surface Mining
*Working Frozen Ground
*How to procure a water source and build ditches and flumes
Unearth all the how-to's and what for's in.........
*Blasting and Tunneling
*Using Sluices
*Tailings and Dumping
*Much More
*Learn washing or hydraulicking
So much more info in these thousands of pages a material. Impossible to list all the topics in this space.
Dredging, Diamond Drilling, Sluicing, Hydraulic mining it's all covered.
There are even books about the largest nuggets ever found, and story books about gold mining in the Rocky Mountains and California
If you have ever wanted to learn to prospect for Gold, Silver or other precious metals this collection of books will be a valuable addition to your knowledge database! 
Books included are:
*Underground Treasures
How and Where to Find Them,
James Orton, 1881, 145 pages
*The Prospectors Handbook
A guide for the prospector and traveller in search of metal bearing or other valuable minerals.
JW Anderson, 1911, 198 pages
*The Hydraulic Gold Miners Manual
Intended for mining elevated banks by the means of Hydraulic pressure
TSG Kirkpatrick, 1897, 46 pages
*The Fire Assay
of Gold, Silver, and Lead in Ores and Metallurgical Products
Leonard S. Austin, 1907, 88 pages
*The Argonauts of California
of scenes and incidents that occurred in California in the early mining days
C.W Haskins 1890, 501 pages
*The A B C's of Mining
*Placer Mining
A handbook for Klondike and Other Miners and Prospectors
The Colliery Engineer Company 1897, 146 pages
*Prospecting, Locating, and Valuing Mines
for the use of Prospectors, Investors, and Mining Men
R.H. Stretch, 1900, 381 pages
*Prospecting in Novia Scotia
W.H. Prest
14 pages
*Prospecting for Gold and Silver
Arthur Lakes, 1895, 207 pages
*Practical Stamp Milling and Amalgamation
H.W. MacFarren, 1910, 166 pages
*Practical Gold Mining
It's Commercial Aspects
W.R. Russel, 1902, 208 pages
*Placer Mining for Gold
Charles Volney Averill, 1946, 357 pages
*On the Milling of Gold Quartz
Melville Attwood, 1882, 20 pages
*Its Gold, Gold, Gold all over
*Instructions for Collecting, Testing, Melting and Assaying Gold
Description of the process for distinguishing native Gold from the worthless ores.
Edward Kent, 1849, 40 pages
*Handbook of Mining Details
Management, Explosives, Air Drills, Hoisting, Transportation and More.
1912, Mcgraw Hill, 370 pages
Extensive underground mining book
*Guide to the Klondike and Yukon Gold Fields
History of the Discover, Routes of Travel, Maps, Surveys and much more!
It's Properties, Modes of Extraction, Value, Ect.
F.G. Claudet, 1871, 35 pages
*Gold Hunting in Alaska
Story told by Joseph Grinnell
1901, 100 pages
*Gold Dredging
Lewis Aubury
1910, 311 pages
*Famous Gold Nuggets of the World
Thomas Jefferson Hurley
1900, 64 pages
*Drilling for Placer Gold
Prospecting for placer gold using the drill.
Keystone Driller Company
196 pages
*Digging Gold Among the Rockies
Exciting Adventures of Camp Life in Leadville, Black Hills and the Gunnison Country.
Loaded with historic facts.
1880, 503 pages
*Digging for Gold
R.M. Ballantyne
124 Pages
*Diamond Drilling
For Gold and other Minerals
A practical handbook on the use of modern Diamond Core Drills in Prospecting and Exploiting Mineral Bearing Properties.
1900, G. A. Denny 158 pages
*Cripple Creek
Illustrated Story of the Goldfield
1896, About 50 pages
*California Mines and Minerals
Locations, ect. about mines
1899, 449 pages
*A Text Book of
Ore and Stone Mining
716 illustrations
1894, 713 pages
Also included are four historical gold mining videos on a second DVD.
*Saga of South Dakota Video ~ Part 1
The rise of Gold Mining in the Black Hills
Homestake mine
*Saga of South Dakota ~ Part 2
Homestake Mining Company Video
*Gold Pour
Video tour of Peruvian Gold Mill
*Gold Rush Days
Warner Bros. Cartoon
If you want solid how-to information on Gold Prospecting and Mining, this collection of books covers nearly every aspect from A-Z.
So all together in this entire collection you will get:
*29 Gold Prospecting and Mining How-To Books on CD
*4 Gold Mining Documentary Videos on DVD
*Full sized hardshell "Gift Quality" CD case with original artwork.
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