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If you want to learn more about vintage blacksmith tools and techniques what better place than the original trade magazines........ from the early 1900's when the blacksmith business was at it's peak!
Blacksmithing...Farm Tractor and Stationary Engine Repair.....Farm Implement Repair....Automobile Repair
I have recently acquired this collection of 41 magazines and am now offering them in digital format on CD for a small portion of their original cost.

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Within the pages of these 41 magazines you will find a large assortment of information about the early 20th century blacksmiths.
You will learn about the latest technology at the time concerning:
*The best techniques of Horseshoeing
*How the Smiths set up their shops with Hit and Miss Gas Engines to power the drills......power hammers......lathes and more!
*Forging techniques
*See how the Smith was making the transition from Horse and Buggy work to the Early Auto Mechanics shops
*Tons of How-To blacksmithing tips.....tool making ideas.....more!
These magazines were geared toward the everyday Smith that put in the hours doing the work and running the Blacksmith Shop.
Plans and Articles you will find here include:
*How to Arrange your shop for automobile repair
*Handy shop tools plans for Anvil Stands, Vise Stands, Work Benches and more
*Horseshoeing Shops on Wheels
*How to rim wheels
*Device for holding shoe on anvil while calking
*Laying out a wood axle
*Details of decorative wrought iron work
*Horse foot anatomy and proper shoe usage
*Lathe work
*Melting Furnaces for the Amateur Founder
*Suggested pricing for the blacksmith shop
*Automobile engine mechanics
*The Smith Shop of the Future
*Improved Tire Shrinker
*Special types of Horseshoes
*Making marble and granite tools
*Making Anvil Helps
*Carburetion troubles with the small engine
*Magneto repair
*Ignition Systems
*How to make a profit in your shop
*Making Screw Threads
*Hundreds of general shop notes and helps
Much More!
The issue dates are:
October 1901
November 1901
December 1901
January 1902
May 1902
June 1902
April 1916
May 1916
June 1916
July 1916
October 1916
December 1916
July 1917
November 1917
January 1918
Febuary 1918
April 1918
May 1918
June 1918
July 1918
August 1918
September 1918
September 1919
January 1922
March 1922
April 1922
May 1922
June 1922
July 1922
August 1922
September 1922
October 1922
November 1922
Dec. 1922
January 1923
March 1923
May 1923
July 1923
September 1923
Nov/Dec 1923
If you enjoy looking at the old ads you will find:
Champion Forge and Blower
Buffalo Forge Company
Bull Dog Toe Calks
Canedy-Otto Tools
Silver Mfg Co
Little Giant Power Hammers
Trenton Anvils
Champion Tool Company
Marvel Blowers
Witte "Surplus Six" gas engines
Foos....kerosene, gasoline, or gas engines
International Harvestor Titan engines
Keco Engines
Bauer Engines
Bessemer Kerosene Engines
Rochester Helve Hammer
Wheel, Top & Hardware Co.
Hay-Budden Anvils
Nicholson Files
Storm King lanterns
Many more too numerous to list.
Overall you will find hours of interesting reading here while learning about the techniques, tools and methods the early 1900's Blacksmiths used in their shops and much more!

So in this entire collection you will get:
*41 issues of The American Blacksmith on CD
*Full sized hardshell "Gift Quality" CD case with original artwork.
*Free and Fast Shipping
*My rock solid 100% money back guarantee!
Use this material and enjoy it! If you are unhappy with it for whatever reason just return it and I will refund your money 100%. (I'll even pay the return shipping costs!)
The Gift Quality set looks like this.....
*This is a CD in PDF format to be viewed on your computer.
*This CD will not work in a DVD player.
*Each magazine has it's own file so you can quickly get into the issue you want.
*Your PDF viewer is easily customized to fit your viewing needs for easy reading!

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