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You know you are an old engine man if the sound of an old hit or miss engine "under load" is like music to your ears!
If you have a thing for old Tractors, Hit and Miss Engines or other Stationary Engines, then I think you are going to like this collection of old magazines and books that I have put together. 
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Over 80 vintage Gas Engine Magazines on CD and 2 printed books in this Gas Engine Collectors Set.
As far as I know this is the first time anything like this has been offered to the "old iron collectors'" community!
I have cataloged several years of Gas Review, Tractor and Gas Engine Review, and The Gas Engine Magazines from the early 1900's.
These are the years when engine and tractor development was running a full force!
I have added to this rare collection of magazines by including a printed, two book series of "The Gas Engine Course" published by Gas Review in 1910 and 1913.
There are literally thousands of pages of engine and tractor history in this collection.
From the years 1904, 1907, 1908, 1916, 1917, 1918, 1921 and 1922 there are.....if I have counted right......86 Gas Engine and Gas Engine Review magazines total in this collection on 2 CD's that you can read on your computer.
I can't begin to list all the names of the engines and tractors covered in all this material. I do know that through time there has been over 900 different tractor manufacturers in the USA (yes 900), and I don't know how many different engine manufacturers.
These magazines and books will give you a broad overview of the industry in the early 1900's.
And not only will you enjoy the great ads in this material, but if you have ever seen a Gas Review Magazine then you know they are full of How-To articles, Question and Answer articles, Engine Industry News and much more.
If you love old engines and tractors this collection will give you hours and hours of enjoyment just going through all the material here.
I have a limited number of the Gas Review Course books on hand to make up this set.
This collection will make a great gift set for your favorite "Old Iron" collector!
So all together in this entire collection you will get:
*24 - 1904 and 1907 "The Gas Engine" Magazines on CD (these two full years)
*24 - 1913-1917 "Gas Review" Magazines on CD (Various issues)
*5 - 1908, Volume 1, "Gas Review" Magazines on CD (This was the first year of printing!)
*33 1918-1922 "Tractor and Gas Engine Review" Magazines on CD (Formerly Gas Review)
*Printed Gasology and Gas Engine Facts books. These are reprints of a Gas Engine Course offered by the Gas Review magazine. 
*Full sized hardshell "Gift Quality" CD case with original artwork.
*Inexpensive and Quick shipping in USA and reduced shipping World Wide!
*My rock solid 100% money back guarantee!
Use this material and enjoy it! If you are unhappy with it for whatever reason just return it within the next 365 days (a year) and I will refund your money 100%.

I'll even pay the return shipping costs!
The attractive "Gift Quality" CD and Book set looks like this:
*These CD's are in in PDF format to be viewed on your computer.
*This CD set will not work in a DVD player on TV.
*Each magazine has it's own file so you can quickly get into the information you want and you can keep track of the issues you have looked at.
*Your PDF viewer is easily customized to fit your viewing needs for easy reading! It can easily be enlarged if your eyes are not what they used to be.
Screenshot of what this will look like on your computer:
You be the judge of what it's worth to you to be able to read these 86 magazines on CD and have the 2 book set on your bookshelf.
The printed Gas Review magazines that come available on eBay typically sell for between $20 and $40 each! (yes each) x 86 = ?
And the two reprinted books are available for between $34 to $38 from the online vendors I can find. Original editions are very rare.
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