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"....Written to be a used as a guide and as a source of information so that the reader may develop a worthwhile hobby or profession in leathercraft."
New softcover book


There are many different ways to work with leather and to decorate its surfaces. This book will instruct you in many of the old methods and also instruct you to some new ones. 

The "How to Do" instruction has proved to be sound. A beginner should follow the "Step-by-Step" procedures for best results. It is Profusely Illustrated with hundreds of quality line drawings and photographs!

*How to design a project

*Learn to make templates

*How to lay out patterns

*See how to store, sharpen, and condition tools

*How to cut leather in step by step instructions

*Preparing leather for tooling

*Learn to make design templates and transfer to the leather

In this book a person can easily follow the brief written instructions and the step by step photographs to produce many valuable products that one could sell and be proud of!

*How to
do outline tooling

*How to do flat modeling

*How to do embossing

*How to stipple backgrounds and use the embossing wheel and carriage

*Doing set Stamping and Carving

*Using edge tools, Creasers and how to Skive Leather

*How to Form and Fold leather

*Lacing and Sewing~Splice Lacing~Thong Slits~Whipstich~Single Buttonhole Lace~Double Buttonhole Stitching~Foorentine Lacing~Hand Sewing

*How to Sew Leather by Machine

*How to use punches

*Setting eyelets and grommets

*Set rivets and spots~Set Snap fasteners

*Cementing and many more processes

Its many projects include and are not limited to: 

Book or Bible cases~Billfolds~Purses~Brief Case~Belts~Photo Albums~Bookmarks~Cigar boxes~Lamps~

Bags~Knife Sheath~Axe Sheaths~Eye Glasses carriers~Picture Frames~Waste Baskets~and many many more!

The costs of tools and supplies involved in leathercraft is small compared to the value of the product which can be produced. Very few tools are required to be purchased to start in leatherworking. This book will give you a list of the minimum needed tools as well as recommended different tools.

 Once you learn the methods and tooling to basic leathercraft, you are not limited to the projects you can create! You could conceivably turn the leathercraft hobby into a full time profession just using any of the projects in this book.

I know people that would pay handsomely for a custom made Bible Case, but no one can be found to do reasonable work for a fair price. I feel it would be possible to establish oneself in a leather book covering business if you became proficient in this art!


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From shoes to wallets to belts  

"The only thing that prevents me from bridging the gap.....between here and there.....is a lack of knowledge and the wisdom to use it correctly." 

This is a new softcover book in good condition. It contains 144 pages, Measures 8" x 10", and is originally Dated 1955 but this is a new printing. A comprehensive manual of general leathercraft.


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