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The Best Books......Hard To Find Collectibles......and other Wares!

"The best reason I can think of to raise chickens is to provide Fresh Eggs and Delicious Meat for you and your family"
If you love raising poultry or are interested in starting, this collection of books will take care of every concern you have about what birds to get, what you need for a coop, pen, nests, feeders, waterers and much more! 
Even the experienced raiser will get ideas from this generous collection of books!

If you are not sure what you need to start........this collection of books will help you through the whole process of getting set up to raise poultry.
Starting with the plans you need to build your coops, pens and accessories.
*See how to build what you need........from small coops for a few layers to large barns for the serious egg producer.
*Learn how to build the outside pens and determine the space you need.
*You will determine the type of nest boxes you want from the large assortment of styles offered.
*To save money on equipment, learn how to build the best type of feeders for you chickens........even large capacity, automatic feeders to cut down on the chores.
Keep your flock in order with all these handy tips and tricks.
*Learn how to keep your chickens in the pen where they belong
*To keep from having to feed freeloaders, learn the secrets to determining if your hens are laying or not.
*Learn about all the different breeds of chickens and the qualities of each kind.
*If you want to produce your own chicks you will need hens that go broody or they will never set on the eggs.
The books show you how to get quality eggs and/or quality meat in the most cost effective and time-efficient manner possible.
*Learn to get 200 eggs per year out of each hen.
*Deciding on a meat only, eggs only or a dual purpose flock.
*To save money on chicks you will learn incubation and hatching your own.
*Is it possible to get away from commercial feed? Learn what to feed your chickens to assure a balanced diet.
With all the information in these books you will be able to set up a system that works.......
cranking out food that is free from the bad stuff that you get when buying commercial meat and eggs.
This "Poultry Man" collection contains the following books:

Volume #1
Poultry Appliances
How to build dozens of chicken feeders.......waterers......nest boxes.......brooders......and much more
120 pages

Volume #2
Poultry Construction
Rivals any of the ''Chicken Coop'' plan books for sale on the internet lately. This author teaches you how to build Poultry Houses..........Chicken Coops.........Pens and Portable Free Range Shelters......Much more

Volume #3
200 Eggs Per Year Per Hen
Not only do you want a classy Hen but you want her to produce!
This 102 page book teaches how to accomplish incredible results through nutrition, breeding, culling, and other practices.

Volume #4

The Practical Poultry Keeper
Practical advise on raising poultry.
A good ''all around'' book on poultry and all aspects of raising them.
Particularly good for it's pen layouts and comprehensive instruction for the large scale producer.


Poultry Architecture
Complete book on all types of poultry structures.
A book fully devoted to building all types of poultry buildings.

Volume #6

Poultry Houses
Yet another book on poultry buildings
You WILL be able to find the perfect plan for your poultry building project within all these books!

Volume #7

American Breeds of Poultry
A exceptional book on the traditional breeds of American poultry, their origin and standards

Volume #8

Feeds and Feeding
The best feed and feeding methods for all phases of poultry from chicks to adults.
Poultry needs for optimal egg production.
If you want to get away from commercial feed, this will lay it all out for you.

Volume #9

How to Hatch and Brood
Increase your hatch rate and survivability

Volume #10

Poultry Diseases
Covers all diseases, how to treat them and more importantly, how to avoid them.

Volume #11
1920 Seed and Poultry Supply catalog
You will enjoy looking at the poultry supplies and seeds for the farm.

You would be hard pressed to find a more complete collection for raising poultry!
So all together on this CD you will get:
*11 how to raise poultry books on CD 
*Sturdy Full Sized Cd case with original artwork
*Fast and Inexpensive Shipping.....on it's way to you quickly!
*100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back....from a trusted seller
*Separate file for each book in PDF format so you can find what you need fast.

Use this material and enjoy it! If you are unhappy with it for whatever reason just return it within the next 365 days (a year) and I will refund your money 100%.

I'll even pay the return shipping costs!
We combine Shipping
*I have other titles available in Our Store so take a look!
I also have printed books and other CDs on all sorts of farm topics.
This CD is for use in a computer. Will not work in a DVD player on a TV.

"The only thing that prevents me from bridging the gap.....between here and there.....is a lack of knowledge and the wisdom to use it correctly." 


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