SERVICE MANUAL FOR JOHN DEERE 60 Tractor LP-Gas Equipment Repair 620 630 Propane

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Repair and Operation Manual for JD LP-Gas Equipment

Manual number SM- 2015, Dated 1957


Covers LP-GAS 50, 60, 70, 420, 430, 620, 630, 530, 730 and 720 Tractors:

Not all these models will have exact specifications but the dealer book calls for this manual to cover the LP system on all these models.


New reprint manual with 72 pages, Measures 8x11......Very Comprehensive Manual.

Complete Repair, Service and Overhaul and Operation Manual for all LP-Gas components of the covered models.

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This manual has chapters and instructions covering service, repair, overhauling, operations etc:




This is a new reproduction of an OEM Original Equipment Manufacturers manual.


Our Manuals Help You Keep Things Working

 Our Manuals Help You Keep Things Working

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