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JD 420 Series Two Manual Set


Service Manual (updated manual)


Parts Manual

Reproduction of the Factory Manuals


Covers 420 Tractors and Crawlers:

420S Standard

420T Tricycle

420U Utility

420H Hi-Crop

420W Row-Crop Utility

420V Special

420C 4-Roller Crawler

420C 5-Roller Crawler


Manual SM-2019 and PC-505.....Fully Updated

Compiled to include all service info!

The 420 manual often refers to the plain "40" series service manual for pertinent information.

I have compiled all the referenced material from the "40" manual, and included it within this manual.

I have done this to make this a "complete" service manual.

That is why this manual is so much larger than any other service manual on the market!


New printed manuals with combined total of over all 1125+ pages, Measures 8x11 and are 2.250" thick......Very Comprehensive Manuals.

Complete Parts, Repair, Service and Overhaul Info for all components of the 420 Tractors and Crawlers.

Shipped out quickly....Orders placed before noon generally go out same day!


These are bound need to buy $8 binders just to hold them together!


Color Hydraulic Flow Illustrations.....Most reprint service manuals don't have this feature!


We Sell Printed and Bound Manuals


These manuals are : in stock


The parts manual is very helpful for putting things "back together again" after it's tore apart. The exploded views show every component of the tractor.

Great for Hydraulic Pumps and Controls, Gearboxes, Carburetors and the like.



These manuals have chapters and instructions covering service, repair, overhauling, etc:


Exploded Parts Diagrams of Entire Tractor

Numerical Parts Index for Easy Lookup

Parts Numbers

Description, Operations


Predelivery, Delivery, and 150 Hour Services

Lubrication and Periodic Service

Engine Tune Up and Tractor Adjustment

Governor and Foot Operated Throttle

Basic Engine

Engine Lubrication Systems

Engine Cooling System

Ignition and Electrical Systems

Fuel Systems

Clutch and Center Frame (with and without continuous running powershaft)

Four Speed Transmission and Differential

Five Speed Transmission (with and without continuous running powershaft)

Direction Reverser

Final Drives (Wheel Type Tractors)

Final Drives, Steering Clutches, and Brakes (Crawler)

Brakes (Wheel Type Tractors)

Wheels, Tires, and Weights

Tracks and Track Carrier Assemblies

Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic Pumps

Steering Wheel, Steering Gear, Front End Support, and Front Axles

Power Steering

Three Point Implement Attachment Systems and Drawbars

and More

Compiled from the "40" Manual

How to rebuild governor

How to rebuild carburetor

How to recondition valves and seats

Engine lubrication system

Rebuild oil pump

Servicing distributor and coil

Servicing spark plugs

Timing the distributor

Rebuilding the starter

Rebuilding the generator

Ignition and lighting electrical schematic

Installing brake disks and servicing brakes

And Much more that is not included in the standard "420" service manual but is included here!



These reprints of the original factory manuals are much more complete than any aftermarket repair manual. The 1125+ pages speak for themselves.......
Compare that to an aftermarket manual that covers half a dozen models all compressed into an 85 page booklet! These are the real deal.


This is a new reproduction of an OEM Original Equipment Manufacturers manual.



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