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Master Service/Repair/Parts Manuals for JD A Series

Two Manuals:

A Series Master Service Manual


A Series Parts Catalog

The Service Manual is a 572 page compilation of manuals covering the A Tractor.....

Because of the way JD made their early service manuals, there is some info that will apply to other letter series tractors as well.



Complete service and parts manuals for the JD A Series.

Service manual is compiled of the following manuals:

SM-2000 Tractors and Engines

SM-2029 Electrical Systems

SM-2011 Hydraulic Equipment

General Letter Series Service Manual

and More!

Much of the service information can be applied to the UN-Styled A Tractor as well....there were not many differences mechanically.

Covers JD A Series Tractors:








New printed manuals with combined 740 pages, Measures 8x11 and is 1.5" thick......Very Comprehensive Manuals 

This is the most complete Service Shop Manuals for the "JD A Series" Tractors on the market today!


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We Sell Printed and Bound Manuals ~ NOT loose photocopies or cheap CDs"


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This Shop Manual has chapters and instructions covering service, repair, overhauling, etc:



Governor and Fanshaft

Shop Tools and Equipment


Heads, Valves and Valve Seats

Engine Lubrication Systems

Engine Cooling System

Ignition and Electrical Systems

Electrical Equipment

Fuel Systems

Rebuilding Carburetors

Pulley, Clutch and Pulley Brake


Differential and Final Drives 


Steering, Pedestal and Front End

Powr-Trol and Power Lift

Hydraulic Systems

Valve Housings

Basic Housings

Hydraulic Pumps

Remote Cylinders

Trouble Shooting

And Much More!


The parts manuals has:

Exploded views of all assemblies

Numerical Index

Parts Numbers


The parts manual is particularly handy for re-assembling items once they are tore apart and laying all over the shows you in the pictures how it goes together again!


Don't settle for less when doing repairs on your A tractor!

These 740 pages of manuals have all the technical knowledge you will need to rebuild your tractor from the ground up!






The service manual is a new, compiled reproduction of many original tractor service manuals all in one book.

Included in the compilation are Original JD Shop Manuals:

SM-2000 Tractors and Engines

SM-2029 Electrical Systems

SM-2011 Hydraulic Equipment

General JD Letter Series Service

and More!




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