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JD Model "50" Series Factory Service Manual


JD Parts Catalog

Reproduction of the Factory Manuals


The service manual alone is actually four (4) crucial 50 series Deere manuals compiled into one "Master" Manual that has over 630 pages total! (*compare that to any other model 50 service manual)


The Manuals that make up the Service Manual are:

Model 50 Series Dealers Service Manual SM-2010

Hydraulic Service Manual SM-2011

Power Steering Service Manual SM-2016

JD "General" Service Manual SM-2000

The "General" Service Manual includes Complete Sections on: Valves and Seats,
Electrical Equipment, Carburetors and Fuel Systems, Shop Tools and Equipment
And Much More.

Have the info you need....when you need it....without having to buy a bunch of extra manuals!


With this compiled manual you will be able to:

•Do a full tune-up and have all the specs you need to get it running right

•Rebuild a carburetor

•Troubleshoot and repair the hydraulic system

•Rebuild a hydraulic pump

•Repair/Rebuild your starter, generator and magneto

•Troubleshoot the full electrical system

•Rebuild your engine and service the valves and valve seats

•Troubleshoot and repair the power steering system

•Repair the transmission, power shafts, final drives

and much, much more!


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These are bound need to buy a $8 binder just to hold it all together. Heavy Cardstock covers and brass fasteners finish it off! But they are also drilled to fit a three ring binder.



Covers every single component on the tractor. This is the most complete technical manual for the 50 series tractor on the market, period!

A good thick manual......8.5x11"......638 pages total. Don't be fooled by a 100 page aftermarket booklet! The info just isn't in there like it is in the factory JD manuals.

The parts manaul is an additional 250 pages making this entire set over 880 pages!





Manuals SM-2010 Covers:

Description and Specifications

Preparing the Tractor For Delivery

Lubrication and Periodic Service

Engine Tune Up and Tractor Adjustment


Engine Lubrication Systems

Governor and Fanshaft Assemblies

Engine Cooling System

Fuel System

Pulley, Clutch, and Pulley Brake

Transmission and Transmission Driven Power Shaft

Engine Driven Power Shaft

Differential and Final Drive


Wheels and Tires

Steering Mechanism and Front Axle

Powr-Trol Operation


Manual SM-2011 Covers:

All hydraulic components on the tractor

Powr-Trol System Repair

Valve Housing

Valve Repair

Theory of Operation

Basic Housing

Hydraulic Pump Repair

Remote Cylinders

Trouble Shooting the Hydraulic System

Much More....

Manual SM-2016 Covers:

All Power Steering Components on Tractor

Description and Operation

Steering Valve Repair

Shaft Worm

Valve Actuating Sleeve

Pedestal, Steering Spindle and Cylinder

Power Steering Pump

Trouble Shooting the Power Steering System

General JD SM-2000 Manual Covers:

Heads, Valves and Valve Seats

Shop Tools and Equipment

Principles of Engine

Electrical Equipment

Carburetors and Fuel Systems`


If you were to purchase just the SM-2010 Model 50 Service Manual alone, you would be lacking any info on Hydraulics (pumps or valves included), Carburetor rebuilding, Power Steering Service, Valve and Head work, Generator or Starter Servicing and a whole host of other vital repairs that you may need to perform on your tractor!

That is the purpose of this compiled you have the info you need when you need it!


The parts manual has:

Numerical Index

Exploded parts diagrams

All parts numbers

The parts manual is very helpful for putting things "back together again" after it's tore apart. The exploded views show every component of the tractor.

Great for Hydraulic Pumps and Controls, Gearboxes, Carburetors and the like.




This is a new reproduction of an Original Equipment Manufacturers manual....It may have what looks like imperfections such as smudges, writing, or wrinkles however this manual is a complete, new and clean print.


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